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How much Will you save?

For Sale By Owner in Toronto

Sell. Buy. Save.

Selling or Buying your Home Has Never Been So Easy

Save tens of thousands on Commission plus receive professional advice & guidance from a Licensed Realtor.

for sale by owner toronto


Homes Sold Privately in Canada


Commissions Saved


Happy Clients & Counting

For Sale By Owner Toronto

Sell your home yourself!

This DIY package encompasses all essential components to list your property
and ensure its full exposure on the MLS® database. Our For Sale By Owner Toronto package is for you if you wish to save on real estate commissions.

Fully Brokered

Our Full MLS Service

Your sale handled from start to sold by one of our licensed Realtors®.
We provide full service for a fraction of the cost.


Buyer Rebate

Buy with us and get rewarded

Buy a home and get $2,000 cash back! We’ll help you find the perfect home
and share our commission with you. It’s that simple.


What's your home worth?

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For Sale By Owner Toronto

For Sale Direct empowers and provides Canadians the tools necessary for home buyers and sellers to buy or sell their own home privately while saving time and thousands of dollars. 0% Real Estate Commission is what home owners are willing to pay to sell their homes.

Gone are the days of 6% Real Estate Commissions! The time is at hand when homeowners can NOW sell their homes privately without paying maximum fees to Real Estate Agents for minimal effort.

How do private home sales work?

In simple terms, FSBO (For Sale By Owner) allows home owners to privately market and sell their homes without the need of a real estate agent and not pay high commission rates.

For Sale Direct puts you in the drivers seat with a private home sale process that's as easy as using your mouse to sell or buy a house.

Listing your home is simple and takes about 10 minutes to complete. Should you have questions, just call us . We'll have a live person standing by to answer any questions you may have.

for sale by owner in toronto

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