3 Reasons why your home is not selling

Once in a while there is a home that although in an active market, for some reason it won’t sell, it basically just sits there. It doesn’t mean you have bad luck, it means that the issue is right in front of you, before giving up, consider the following factors.

A lack of curb appeal

You may have some great features in your home, a recent kitchen renovation, a finished basement, your home may look great on the inside, but could it be it’s just exterior? It’s the first thing buyers will see right? If a buyer doesn’t like what they see from the outside, they may simply go look elsewhere. Perhaps a fresh driveway sealing could do the trick, or perhaps some simple gardening could spruce it up the outside of your home. Ensure there is no clutter and things look clean and tidy. These simple things could attract more buyers than you think.

Interior Personalized Styling

You may love your home since it’s yours, but remember buyers don’t have that sense of attachment to your choice of colours. Try keeping things neutral, brightly painted rooms may deter the buyer from seeing what could be their own home. Stick to the basics, keep clutter to a minimum and always have open window coverings, keep it bright with natural sunlight when at all possible.

A price that’s not attractive for the market

It may not be an easy pill to swallow that your home be overpriced for the current market. You can argue that your home has a pool, or has heated floors, but remember some buyers are willing to sacrifice for a better price on certain features.  It’s not what you put into the house that determines it’s value, it’s the market unfortunately that determines it’s value.  Perhaps it’s best to consult with a Realtor to gain a sense of your homes true market value and determine a market analysis of your home.

Getting fair feedback is vital and getting professional advice is always a good idea. We’re sure these 3 things will determine if you can sell your home successfully in the private market.


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