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Integrity and honesty serve as the cornerstone of our business, guiding our fundamental principles. These values compel us to prioritize the utmost respect when interacting with individuals.


Juan Navarrete

Sales Consultant


Embarking on a reflective journey through my biography, I am a seasoned veteran of the Real Estate Industry, boasting a remarkable 40-year tenure. Born in Spain, my roots have endowed me with the gift of bilingualism, fluently navigating both English and Spanish.

My entrepreneurial spirit has driven me to not only excel in real estate but to also venture into diverse business landscapes. Over the years, I've owned multiple businesses, including a thriving Real Estate Company in Spain and a successful Mortgage Company in Canada. This broad spectrum of experiences has not only enriched my professional acumen but has also allowed me to connect with people from various walks of life.

My passion for sales and marketing has been a driving force throughout my career. Whether guiding clients through real estate transactions or establishing successful businesses, the art of sales and effective marketing strategies has always been at the forefront of my approach.

In the Canadian real estate arena, I earned the distinction of being a top Real Estate Agent for Re/Max, showcasing my commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. With nearly 80 years behind me, I find joy and purpose in my work, particularly as the driving force behind a flourishing FSBO business.

My unique perspective, enriched by a background in construction and diverse business ownership, empowers me to confidently advise clients on their real estate ventures. Join me as I share the stories of a fulfilling life, shaped by a dedication to excellence, a passion for sales and marketing, and a commitment to making a difference in both business and real estate.


Marielena Navarrete

Broker Of Record


As a realtor® Marielena provides the highest level of service to her clients with the greatest degree of integrity, her goal is to exceed your expectations because the two most profound assets Marielena possesses are your Respect and Trust.

Marielena vigilantly researches the market and all possible options for her clients, which her clients have found to be an invaluable asset. The “Homework,” she does, allows her clients to make the best and most informed decision for themselves without any regrets during or after the process. Marielena understands the value of education and consistently stays up to date with regulations and market trends.

After the purchase of your home Marielena believes in communicating with her clients regularly, especially for market updates. Your home is an investment; Marielena believes you should know what the market is doing in your area and what your home is worth at any given time.

Marielena’s strengths include an innate ability to relate to all ages, to respect all cultures, the ability to mediate and or adapt to sensitive situations… some say Marielena has what you can’t teach. Long lasting relationships and complete satisfaction are most important; once you choose to work with Marielena, she will be your REALTOR® for life!

Oh, by the way…

” if you know of someone buying a home or thinking of Selling their home, who would appreciate the kind of service I have to Offer, I would love to help then. As these people come to mind just contact me with their name and number and I will be happy to follow up and take excellent care of them.”


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